Monday, June 12, 2017

2 John 1:12

Hi Family!

Well, this is it. I was really tempted to just write 2 John 1:12 as my final email. But that seems like it wouldn't be the best idea...

This week was pretty great!

Elder Renlund (the apostle) came on Tuesday. We had a multi-mission. That was pretty awesome! I shook his hand!

It's been raining a lot. My shoes aren't waterproof anymore so lots of wet socks..

A dog was following us home saturday night, we crossed the street and he crossed after us. We made it. He didn't. He got hit by a car and died. I watched it. It was really sad.

Wednesday was my final interview with President Vasquez. It was really nice.

I think that's about all. Can't wait to see you on Thursday!

Have a great couple of days!

-Elder Goodman

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