Monday, May 29, 2017

Last minute talk in church

Hi everyone!

This was a pretty good week Ericka and Narda got baptized! It was great!

On Sunday not very many people came to church, and we didn't have hardly any priesthood holders. My companion got to bless the sacrament. I was conducting the hymns, so I was sitting on the stand. And during the Sacrament the Branch President leaned over and asked me if I could speak. So I got to speak in church this week! It was cool!

On Thursday I got bit by a dog! It was a french poodle. I've been keeping close attention to my leg where he bit me (right hamstring). The wound looks like a mosquito bite. Since he bit me from behind I didn't see it- and no one else did either. I just felt a sharp pain in my leg and assumed it was the dog. But we're starting to think that it was actually some sort of bug that got me....

My companion sprained his ankle this week (like Jenny!) And we lost some working time, that was kind of hard. He got better though

On Sunday we lost our phone. We called it and it's with some members out in Cuyultitan that we were visiting. That's pretty far away, so we won't be able to get it until Tuesday. On the plus side we got to go to bed early last night :)

Well, that looks like it's about all!

Have a great week!

-Elder Goodman

Matching ties

Ericka and Narda got baptized

Monday, May 22, 2017

Teaching Isabel

Hi Family!

This was a pretty great week.

My companion got really, really sick on Sunday. Diarrhea and fever. I feel bad, but I feel like he had it coming after giving me diarrhea last week. I stayed in and watched the Joseph Smith movie. 

The water hasn't been running for about a week, turns out they cut the water. I called the company and the bill hadn't been paid for 3 months. I paid it about 2 weeks ago- but it was too late apparently. And when they cut the water here, they cut it. I'll send pictures. 

My backpack broke- a hole opened up in the bottom. I didn't realize until stuff started falling out... Good thing I still have my Timbuk2 bag.

We got locked out of the house. We borrowed a ladder and used a mop stick to open the latch. That was kind of fun!

There is a crazy lady that we see all the time. She's in love with me- she hugged me last week before I was able to stop her. But she won't talk to my companion because he's black. It was kind of funny. It's a long story, but I don't have enough time.

We are teaching a lady named Isabel. She's having a hard time keeping the law of chastity. To help her understand the importance of that we read Alma 39. Where Alma talks to his son Coriantun and tells him that he shouldn't have run off with the harlot Isabel. I had forgotten that the harlot's name was Isabel, the same as my investigator. When we read that I started laughing really hard.  Everyone did. Except for Isabel. She just looked kind of uncomfortable.... It was pretty funny though.

On Saturday we left with the elders quorum to visit some less actives. I left with the Brother Antonio. We visited two families. The first one had some money, they had a really nice house. I liked it a lot. The second family was pretty poor. They had a big mango tree, and they gave us a ton of mangos. Hermano Antonio tried to pay them, but they wouldn't accept it. Finally he got the son to accept it. (fun fact, the son has the same birthday as me!) The family sent us off with even more mangos!

We left the house feeling so happy, I am still surprised how generous the people here are. Especially the Brother Antonio- He's a huge example to me. He just tries as hard as he can to make other people happy, and to serve. I'm really grateful to be able to serve in this area.

Looks like that's about it!

Love you all!

-Elder Goodman

The famous church in Panchimalco

San Salvador

They cut our water. They legit cut the line. jeez...

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mothers Day!

Hi Family!

It was great to see you all yesterday! Happy Mothers day!

This week was a pretty great week. I'm not really sure what to write about, because we talked yesterday. But I always feel bad when I don't write very much. 

Today we planned a special zone pday to go to Panchimalco. It was really fun! We played softball. I didn't break the ball this time. But I did get a home run! The ball we played with was really, really hard, and heavy. We didn't have very many mitts to play with. So I played barehanded. They're still a little sore... I was playing outfield and got a really cool one handed snag. It hurt quite a bit though:)

We played from 11-1, which is pretty hot. By the end most of the missionaries decided to stop playing. So the teams got down to about 4 or 5 players each. And the only ones still playing were the ones who were fairly good. It turned into a home run derby. The last inning I got on base 4 times. In one inning. It was pretty fun!  Elder Rios (that you recognized from the call yesterday) is from Puerto Rico. I've heard they play a lot of baseball in the Caribbean. He proved it today. He can hit hard. He can't run very fast, but he would hit it so hard that he didn't need to:)
I didn't see the Familia Garcia- which was a pretty big bummer. But at least I got to talk to them on the phone last week.

Well, my time is pretty much up. And I don't have much more to write about.

I love you lots! 

Have a great week!

-Elder Goodman

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Dead Cat, a Crazy Drunk, and Lightning Bugs

Hi all!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER! 15! You can start driving! That's sweet!

This was a pretty great week. I have a new companion. His name is Elder Perez from the Dominican Republic. He's pretty cool. He's also really distracting, I'm having a hard time keeping all my thoughts together. 

Yesterday we went to a part of our area called Cuyultitan. It's pretty far away. I forgot that on Sunday the buses stop early. we got stranded. We called the Elders Quorum president, and he came and gave us a ride. But it took him about half an hour to get all the way out to where we were. So we walked. There was a guy that also was stuck out there. He walked with us. We made it all the way to Olocuilta almost. It was pretty far! On the way we found a dead cat, a crazy drunk guy that tried to warn us about a police check point up ahead, and a cloud of lightning bugs. The cloud of lightning bugs was pretty cool!

Narda got baptized on Saturday!

About 6 months ago I made a rule that I wouldn't do any more baptisms. Ever since then I've asked members to do them. I'd like for all the priesthood holders in the ward to baptize. I've actually gotten thanked a lot. Most of them haven't baptized anyone since their missions. A long time ago. 

We got a ward mission leader last week! We're trying to train him right! He directed the baptismal service on Saturday. It was pretty good. He skipped the talks, but it all turned out all right!

Sorry I don't have more to write about. Can't wait to see you on Sunday! I still don't know what time I'll be calling. But I'll try to send you a heads-up email.

Well, looks like my time is up!

Love you all!

Have a great week!

.Elder Goodman

New companion Elder Perez

Monday, May 1, 2017


HI everyone!
This was a pretty good week!
I don't have much time to write, I'll try to be fast.

Well, Erika didn't get baptized this week:( She struggles with migraines. This week she was at the office and she got a really bad one, she drank coffee to help her feel better. We need to get her some medicine. She'll be getting baptized on the 13th.

We still did have a baptism though! Alisson got baptized! It was a really nice service. My companion conducted, which is huge for him. He did a great job!

News: Looks like President doesn't want me to get baggy for my last change, I'm going to be training again. It´ll be good. But whenever I think about it I just feel really tired. 

Sorry, looks like my time is up. Sorry that I couldn't write very much.

I love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Goodman

Alisson's baptism.

Erika was at the baptism!
She is wearing black sitting in the second row on the left. Her daughter is sitting next to her in a striped shirt.