Monday, May 22, 2017

Teaching Isabel

Hi Family!

This was a pretty great week.

My companion got really, really sick on Sunday. Diarrhea and fever. I feel bad, but I feel like he had it coming after giving me diarrhea last week. I stayed in and watched the Joseph Smith movie. 

The water hasn't been running for about a week, turns out they cut the water. I called the company and the bill hadn't been paid for 3 months. I paid it about 2 weeks ago- but it was too late apparently. And when they cut the water here, they cut it. I'll send pictures. 

My backpack broke- a hole opened up in the bottom. I didn't realize until stuff started falling out... Good thing I still have my Timbuk2 bag.

We got locked out of the house. We borrowed a ladder and used a mop stick to open the latch. That was kind of fun!

There is a crazy lady that we see all the time. She's in love with me- she hugged me last week before I was able to stop her. But she won't talk to my companion because he's black. It was kind of funny. It's a long story, but I don't have enough time.

We are teaching a lady named Isabel. She's having a hard time keeping the law of chastity. To help her understand the importance of that we read Alma 39. Where Alma talks to his son Coriantun and tells him that he shouldn't have run off with the harlot Isabel. I had forgotten that the harlot's name was Isabel, the same as my investigator. When we read that I started laughing really hard.  Everyone did. Except for Isabel. She just looked kind of uncomfortable.... It was pretty funny though.

On Saturday we left with the elders quorum to visit some less actives. I left with the Brother Antonio. We visited two families. The first one had some money, they had a really nice house. I liked it a lot. The second family was pretty poor. They had a big mango tree, and they gave us a ton of mangos. Hermano Antonio tried to pay them, but they wouldn't accept it. Finally he got the son to accept it. (fun fact, the son has the same birthday as me!) The family sent us off with even more mangos!

We left the house feeling so happy, I am still surprised how generous the people here are. Especially the Brother Antonio- He's a huge example to me. He just tries as hard as he can to make other people happy, and to serve. I'm really grateful to be able to serve in this area.

Looks like that's about it!

Love you all!

-Elder Goodman

The famous church in Panchimalco

San Salvador

They cut our water. They legit cut the line. jeez...

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