Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm from Canada

This was a big week for me. On Wednesday morning we got a call saying that Trump had won the election. The people down here hate him. And missionaries have been having problems because we are white. On Wednesday they called us saying that from now on we couldn't say that we were from the U.S. We can say we are from Canada, or England, or anywhere else, except the States. So this week I've been telling everyone I'm from Canada. I also realized that I don't know anything about Canada... Luckily no one down here knows anything about Canada either.  Maybe in next weeks email if you could send me a fact sheet or something, I want some information that I can have on hand to tell people. How much snow, how many Mormons, how many provinces, etc.. Thanks!

For the month of October our zone was the highest baptizing zone of the mission! We bought the missionaries pizza to celebrate at our zone conference this week!

This week we baptized Mercy. The missionaries have been working on her for 4 years. I visited her, and got a little frustrated. I told her that she already knew everything- it all depended on her now. But that we as missionaries wouldn't be able to visit her if she didn't want to be baptized. We have too many people to visit who want to get baptized, and we can't waste our time on the people who don't.

Pretty harsh, I know. But in her Interview with President Vasquez she told him that that was the tipping point for her.  I feel like I was sent here for her, maybe that's why I'm here in Cojute.  Pretty awesome!

Love you lots! Thanks for everything!
-Elder Goodman

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