Monday, November 7, 2016

The Book of Mormon

This was kind of a hard week. I would describe myself this week as a less active missionary. I didn't have the normal pep in my step. I was having a hard time staying motivated. It was a hard week. On Saturday I was looking back trying to figure out what happened. And I realized it was my studies. On Wednesday we had the day of the dead activity in the cemetery. We got up early to get to the cemetery the earliest we could- so we didn't have time to study. On Friday we had consejo (advice) in President's house. We had to get up early to get down there in time.  I looked at what I had been studying. It was all good stuff. Preach my gospel- the pamphlets, Liahonas, Mormon messages, etc. I felt the spirit. But I realized that not once had I studied the Book of Mormon. I hadn't even opened it during my study time. That was the difference. (I remember this same thing happened to me a couple months ago- guess I didn't learn my lesson). On Sunday I started my studies at 7.30 instead of 8 and I hit the Book of Mormon hard. That was the secret. I'm back!
There is a part member family that we have been visiting. The dad is a member. Mother and kids aren't. Everyone hates the dad. We had the chance to visit them earlier when the dad wasn't home. And we finally got to hear the Mom's side of the story. Way, way sad.  Wednesday was the mom's birthday. They had told me a while ago. Wednesday I wanted to pass by and say hi to the mom on her birthday- maybe buy her a soda or something. They live pretty far away from where we were at, and my comp didn't want to- but we went down there anyway. We stopped at the closest store and I asked the man if he knew the mom. He did. I asked him what is her favorite pan dulce and drink. We bought it and went to the house. You should have seen the look on her face when we brought her our little gift. She looked like she wanted to cry. Obviously her husband had forgotten about her on her birthday. But the missionaries hadn't!  It was a really cool experience for us. The family has gotten a lot kinder with us as well! Sorry if that story didn't make much sense, I'm out of time so I couldn't proofread it.
I love you all!
 -Elder Goodman
Questions from Kanani
1. Did you have any Dia De Los Muertes activities this year?
Yeah, we went to the cemetery and contacted. It was pretty good!

2. Last year you told us that they don’t celebrate Halloween much there….in this area is it any different?
No- they don't celebrate Halloween at all here.

3. Fireworks sound exciting and dangerous!  Can they light them whenever they want?  I guess they don’t have to worry too much about starting fires in dry areas? But, I didn’t realize the houses had an open roof area….that’s probably not good with fireworks!
Yeah, fireworks are a year-round activity!

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