Monday, February 13, 2017

Rumor Killer

Hi Everyone!

This was a pretty cool week!

I received my new companion. Elder Ledesma! He's way cool- we're gonna do a lot of good together. It's really cool have a brand new american as a companion- kind of fun to watch him go through the culture shock.

We were on a bus I didn't know- and I thought that the bus was slowing down to make the stop- so I jumped. But the bus was only passing over a speed bump. It slowed to almost a complete stop. Just as my companion was about to jump off the bus started accelerating -  he jumped off facing the back of the bus- and the bus was already going about 7 or 8 mph- so it had some momentum. (you always have to jump off in same direction that the bus is going- otherwise the momentum will make you fall) he took a pretty sweet backward tumble in the gutter. Luckily he wasn't hurt, just a couple bruises and scratches, but he did bleed a little bit. We were on our way to a zone conference. Kind of embarrassing to have your brand-new companion show up all bloodied to his first meeting.... It wasn't my fault!

He ate his first pupusa on Friday. We went to a member who has a pupuseria- and she let me make a couple. I made the first pupusa that he ate! Bragging rights.

We've been working really hard to visit all the members, and to gain their trust. But it's pretty cool to see how friendly and helpful all of the ward members are here!  It's pretty common to get to a new area and hear all about how the members here don't want to help- they did this thing one time to this missionary- they will never help- they are too prideful- etc. etc.  If a member ever does something mean, or bad, the story gets passed around for a while.

About a year ago I was studying mercy, and forgiveness. And I realized that a great way to be merciful is to not spread rumors. And to forgive. I've really tried to be the rumor killer. I really try to not pass on negative stories. And to ignore them when I do hear them. When I got to this area I started to hear the stories about this member, and that member. This member hates missionaries- that one is all talk- etc. But I'm trying to work with all the members right now. And we're having some success. It's really interesting how giving people the benefit of the doubt, and treating them as your best friend- before you even know them- really opens doors.

We have to depend on the members a lot- because we're basically opening the area- and they've really responded well. One guy even took us out in his car to show us all the less-actives and old investigators that lived in his area- and we're planning to do a family home evening in his house this week- and invite all of them. It's really cool- I'm very grateful.

Well, that's about it. Love you lots!

-Elder Goodman

My new comp! Elder Ledesma of Kearns Utah!

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