Monday, February 6, 2017

Teach Repentance

Hey everyone!

This was as great week!
Me and Elder Wikan are having a blast down here! Turns out that he's from Hurricane- I asked if he knew the Holmes, but he didn't.

This Friday we watched the worldwide broadcast. It was really good. I'm not sure what changes we're gonna see here, but it seems pretty cool. Elder Anderson made a really good comment that I have been pondering a lot lately. He said that in countries where the people already have a lot of faith in Christ (like El Salvador) we make a common mistake of teaching baptism right after faith- taking advantage that they already have a lot of faith- and we skip repentance. If they don't repent thay can't become converted. And I believe that if they are more likely to go inactive as well. I'm pretty sure that is why people here get baptized so fast- and go inactive so fast as well.
That little revelation that we received changed my entire mission. I am going to focus much more on repentance- than getting baptized really fast.

Yesterday we had a lesson with a girl named Asusena- I was thinking about teaching repentance, and helping her feel the need to repent. I remembered something I read in my studies this week. The story of Alma the younger.( I read those exact verses to her that you wrote about! It was really cool!)  We really felt the Spirit. She commited to be repent- and then to be baptized. I'm really excited!

Well, that's about all! Sorry for the short letters

Love you!
Elder Goodman
My new comp. Elder Wikan! He's from Hurricane, Utah

The view from the office, I'm writing from here today.

Elder Goodman and Elder Neifert eating lunch in the mission office

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