Monday, January 30, 2017

Transfer to Santo Tomas

Kanani: Cejas sent us a Facebook message saying you were transferred to Santo Tomas.  We looked it up on the map and it looks like it is in between Ilopango and Panchimalco.  A little higher and smaller than that right?  So does that mean it is colder?  What is it like?  How do you like it?
Zach: They didn't take me out until this morning. I've only been here for about an hour- so I don't really know yet :)

Kanani: How is Patricia?  Did she decide to stop selling on Sunday and come back to church? I hope so.
Zach: Patricia has been having a really hard time. Every week they commit to come to church- but they always have an excuse. Really sad. All the problems that suddenly fell on them are all direct results of not following the commandments.

Man, this was kind of a crazy week. Elder Zelaya and I were working so hard. And so well together. I'm gonna miss him a lot. It was a really cool week.

Sorry, time's up. I spent a lot of time sending pictures- hope it makes up for it!

-Elder Goodman
Love you!
Familia Portillo. We found them last week, and they all want to get baptized.
They will get baptized in February. That kind of hurts a little.

Mercy, Johnson and Karla. I got to say goodby to them in church! I baptized them!

Elder Zelaya
Branch Presidency
Fam Cruz

Hna Claritaa- our laundy lady
Conejo! (Rabbit)
Family Moran- we were going to baptize Rosa this week- and have a wedding.
Carlos- he is going to get baptized in February
The zone in cojute
One last goodbye

My house in Cojute

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