Wednesday, November 4, 2015

El Dia de los Muertos

This week was awesome!

The Day of the Dead activity was really really fun. Cemeteries here are nothing like those at home. Here all the tombstones are big crosses- some of them are actually pretty ornate- but they are all painted crazy colors. Blue, Green, Pink, etc. And they are all on top of each other. There is no grass, to get around you have to walk on other people´s graves. Every year the people come to clean up the graves, re-paint, etc... And it's a huge deal. A huge party! There are vendors everywhere selling food, flowers, headstones, paint, toys. The people come in work clothes with big jugs of water and shovels and paint and stuff. I was pretty surprised when I saw whole families walking into a cemetery armed with shovels and buckets!

Our shift was from 1.30 - 4.30. We had a table set up with Plan of Salvation pamphlets and Family Search stuff. It was a straight 3 hours of just talking to people! I had a blast!

Halloween here is not very big at all. I saw two kids dressed up and 1 house decorated. But on Fast Sunday, the day after, an old lady got up and spoke for 10 minutes about how evil Halloween was. And how it made her feel sick seeing all the little kids worshiping the devil. That was pretty entertaining!

That Sunday the Gospel Essentials teacher didn't show up-  so Elder Wallace gave the lesson. He wasn't paying attention last week, and he thought that this week´s lesson was the Chastity lesson. I didn't realize  until too late, so he ended up teaching without any preparation. He had a hard time getting the class to participate.

I have a cool story from last week.
We have an investigator named Guadalupe who was introduced to the church by her friend Alex. It started with her wondering what Mormons think about God. Alex has a son named Axel (don´t get them mixed up) who is around 4 or 5 years old. Axel memorized the First Article of Faith for the primary program a couple weeks ago. When Guadalupe asked what Mormons believe Alex had Axel recite the first Article of Faith to her. Guadalupe was pretty impressed! Now she´s investigating the church!

Thanks for the dream team answers! Have a great week!

-√Člder Goodman

I have all the pictures that you wanted, but I forgot to bring my cord to connect it to the computer. I can usually get around it by borrowing someone else´s or putting my card in their camera to connect it. But no one has their cameras with them today. I guess I'll have to wait until next week.  Sorry.

Questions from Kanani
1. Do you go on exchanges very often?  It sounds like Eliza goes on them all the time.
Every once in a while. Maybe twice a transfer
2. Do you have a day where you volunteer or give service?  If so, what types of things do you do?
No. On Saturday we helped a lady clean out her house, that was a first for me though.
3. How do transfers it every 6 weeks or different?
every 6 weeks

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