Monday, February 8, 2016

Back to Ilopongo

Hi everyone!

Yeah, the new way of doing transfer schedules kind of stinks. Monday night I got the phone call telling me that I had to be at the Stake Center in San Salvador at 10.00 the next morning. (Normally it's Wednesday morning).  Normally Tuesday is the day to take pictures and say goodbye to everyone and pack. This time I had to stay up late to pack. And I had to leave early the next morning. I wasn't able to visit anyone. We did call the family Garcia, they took Josue out of school to say goodbye right before I left.

Something different this time is that the Mission wasn't going to provide transportation. That means I had to take a bus (the really crowded morning ones) with all my bags. I really didn't want to do that. So out of desperation I called the one member in our area who has a car. He couldn't do it (he has a pretty demanding job with the government). So he sent his bodyguard to come pick us up. That was pretty cool!

My new area is Alta Vista 2.  Back in San Bartolo of Ilopango. Back to the world of garbage and gangsters and guns.  Same district. Same church building. It's like leaving the 6th ward and coming back to the 3rd ward.  I don't know if you remember when I wrote about Elder Vallecillos, but he's my new companion! I am pretty stoked. This area we have 2 different cocineras. 1 for breakfast. 1 for lunch. They both cook really good food! And this ward has a dinner calender! That is unheard of here!

This Sunday I was able to see everyone from Las CaƱas during church. That was super cool!
In the time that I've been gone Benjamin was baptized. And Nusly is getting baptized this Saturday. We did her interview last week. That was super cool being able to visit them! Benjamin also wiped all the viruses off my camera! Super cool day!

A cool experience:
My companion is really intune with the Spirit.  Last night we were walking along the street looking for new investigators when he stopped by a house. The house of members. I didn't know them. But I recognized them from church a couple hours earlier. They are a really strong family. Or so we thought. The mom told us that the husband was in back, sick. We went back there, and he was packing some bags, crying. He was about to leave. We found out that their marriage wasn't doing so good.  Obviously as missionaries we can't give counsel or anything, but we did share some scriptures and sing some hymns and left the home a lot better than we found it.

I bought a recorder today. (The elementary school music class kind) I've already learned Come Come ye Saints!

Changes I've noticed in myself on the mission.:

I think I'm developing ADHD. At church I get really really bored. I have a hard time just sitting. (In my last area I fell asleep in Elders quorum. On two different sundays. No one noticed though ;)  I remember at home I could just sit on the couch for hours and read- I wouldn't be able to do that anymore. I'm so used to just go go go. When I started the mission the mindset was to 'fill the lessons with time'. But now its 'fill the time with lessons'. We never have enough time. When I write home I feel like my mind is already on the next thing that I want to write about. I have a hard time keeping track of my ideas.

It also takes me a lot more time to write my letters.

I never thought I would have so much confidence talking to complete strangers.

I think in Spanish. (Right now I'm the only American in my district- I don't even get to speak English on P-days anymore. Only when I write home.)

I dream about teaching lessons.

I never thought I would be able to have so much love for people I don't even know.

I am a lot more blunt. When I write in my journal too. I used to write a ton, lots of detail. I don't really do that anymore. Just the basics.

Fasting is a lot easier.

Prayers are a lot longer.

Testimony is a lot stronger.

Alright, times up. Thanks for everything! Love you!

-Elder Goodman

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