Monday, February 22, 2016

Shower with leaf water

Hi everyone!

This week started out pretty bad. I got sick again. It's weird, I feel horrible for one day, and everyone tells me that I have some big awful disease, but then it goes away within one or two days. To be honest I think it's because of the priesthood blessings that my companions always give me, I'm just grateful that it never is anything serious. I got sick Monday.

I got up Tuesday and still felt pretty bad, but I felt like I could work. But my companion wouldn't let me, he told me to stay home and rest. The problem is that there wasn´t anyone who could stay home with me.  (we can only do divisions with priesthood holders) But there is a really old couple who live across the street from us, and the man is a member. So I stayed the day at that house. And it was awful!

The house is really really old, and really really hot. I spent the day sitting in a plastic lawn chair that they had reading the missionary library. It was actually kind of peacefull, just me and the old man. A cat kept coming into the house, and the old man kept trying to throw it out. He would grab the tail and lift it up, but he couldn't leave his chair, or do anything else, So the cat would just walk around on it's front two legs while the old man tried to get it to leave.  The whole time he kept muttering about how this cat thinks it owns the house, etc, etc.

After a couple times of this happening I realized that there was a bowl of cat food under a table, and the cat kept going under the table. Then the wife came home and confirmed my suspicions- the cat was their pet. It kept trying to come into the house because it lived in the house, the old man just never realized.

When the wife came home things got a little harder. She just talked and talked and talked. I realize that she probably just feels lonely, and normally I would love to talk to her, but it was hot, and I was sick, and I kept zoning out- to be honest I don't even know what she was talking about. At one point whe went outside and came back with a huge bundle of branches. She started gathering all the leaves up to cook. The idea was that she boil down all the leaves and make a leaf soup- and then I take a shower with the leaf water.  But I wouldn't take a shower in her house, so that kind of ruined her plan. She ended up giving me a big bucket of this leaf water to take home, and I promised her I would shower with her leaf water as soon as I got home.

This week Elder Popoca got his new companion, so that broke up the trio we had. We are all pretty bummed, we had a great time together. Every morning we have to exercise for 30 minutes, with Elder Popoca we both bought Nerf guns, and every morning for 30 minutes we would have Nerf battles. It was a ton of fun. I also figured out something really fun and cool you can do with Nerf guns.  We have the whistler bullets, with the hole in the front part. I found out that a match fits perfectly in that little hole. We would put matches there, and then hold the box next to the match. When you shoot it lights the match. That raised the fun level a little bit! We would spray big clouds of air freshner and deoderant and shoot the matches through it! Elder Vallecillo also has a machete, so we would try to block the darts with that thing baseball/jedi style!

With Elder Popoca gone we have an extra bed, so I took his mattress and stacked it on top of mine. It is really soft!

(You might have noticed that I'm running out of things to write)

I'm trying to think of a really cool experience I had. Or a really spiritual experience. But to be honest today was a pretty ordinary week. Nothing much to report.

I love you!
-Elder Goodman

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