Monday, February 15, 2016

The Three Nephites

Hi everyone! This has been a pretty good week!

This week one of the missionaries in Las Cañas (my old area) went home. His companion (Elder Popoca) has been with me and E. Vallecillo in a trio this week. Being in a trio is really different - but to be honest I kind of like it! We call ourselves the three nephites.

Elder Duncan came and visited us this week! We had a sweet multi-zone conference!  Remember how I wrote earlier about how I couldn't sit still and I would get really bored? I take it all back. That conference was several hours. But it was awesome! I never got bored! I was also part of the choir that sang for him!  I love when general authorities visit! My favorite part is always when they share their testimonies. So powerful!

This weekend we did a special activity in Santa Lucia. In the church building they hung up several huge banners that contain gospel principles. Missionaries dressed up as scripture people to explain the principles. It was a huge success! I think it's cool that you've been thinking a lot about Moroni, because I dressed up as Moroni! I explained Old Testament Geneology. At first I was pretty worried, because that can be a pretty boring subject (sorry dad!) but every one said I did a good job, and no one fell asleep! I ended up talking about the 12 tribes and the stick of Joseph and Judah.

Our cocinera/laundry lady (we call her mom) made me a sweet trumpet out of newspaper and spray paint. It was silver, and I got a lot of smart remarks about that.

Today we went to Walmart, and I bought a nerf gun! I've never been to walmart here before, it was pretty cool! I'm pretty sure the American brands are more expensive than in the United States. Or maybe I'm just getting used to El Salvador prices.

This week we had to break into our house. It was probably about a level 5 difficulty. (Cañas house: 10, gated community + all that stuff I wrote about earlier) (panchimalco house 2).   We borrowed a ladder from our neighbors to reach their roof. Then I jumped from the neighbor's roof to our balcony (our house has 2 floors) from the balcony I was able to stick my hand through a window and open it. I had to use a pole to open up the window though.

We baptized Nusly this week! She is really shy, so we did it during sacrament meeting, and confirmed her at the end of the sacrament meeting.

I love you!
-Elder Goodman

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