Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hi everyone! This was a pretty good week. Today for our pday activity we watched the Minions movie as a zone. It was pretty funny. I missed a couple of jokes (it was in Spanish) but it was still pretty good! My favorite part was probably Stuart's guitar solo at the end.

This week I had a pretty cool experience. On Saturday we had a baptism, and we also had to do a baptismal interview. We had so much to do that we didn't have time to do our studies in the morning. Around 12.00ish I started feeling kind of down in the dumps. It was kind of weird actually. I had every reason to be happy, but I just felt kind of off. Down depressed or sad... just .... different. Around 12.30 ish we stopped by the church to finish filling up the font. And I took advantage of the moment to read the Book of Mormon. I was able to read a couple chapters. And I immediately started feeling better. By the time we left I felt really good, and ready to take on the day. Interesting experience. I have a testimony of Scripture study, especially that of the book of Mormon. Now I know why missionaries are supposed to study in the morning. And why we should pay special attention to the Book of Mormon. When President Duncan visited he told us that if someone reads the Book of Mormon every day they will never go inactive.

My companion is convinced that I have insomnia. Lately I've been trying to drink more water. It's hard to do that during the day, so I always end up drinking a ton at night. And consequently going to the bathroom during the night. Saturday night one of the nearby churches had a midnight service, and kept the entire street awake all night. ('church' here means listening to a pastor yell about Jesus using giant concert speakers) I had a hard time sleeping.  Yesterday morning my companion took me aside and started talking to me about my problem  He's noticed that I 1. Get up during the night (the water thing) 2. Take sleeping pills every night ( my allergy and vitamin- not exactly what he thinks) 3. And that I'm tired during the day. (I'm not sure why, but I always yawn when we sing hymns).  And then Saturday night he realized that I had a hard time sleeping. He put 2 and 2 together and found out about my 'insomnia'. He told me that I don't need to suffer with this alone. That he's here to help me, and that if I ever feel lonely or scared during the night I shouldn't hesitate to wake him up. He even read me a couple of scriptures. I tried to explain to him that, as grateful as I was for his support, I didn't have insomnia. But he wouldn't have any of that. He is convinced.  We'll see how this goes...

I was looking at pictures of the new temple in Provo today.  Wow... that is really pretty.

We dropped one of our cocineras today. Looking at it logically it makes perfect sense. We have to travel quite a ways to her house, to pay for food that is too expensive, and, honestly, isn't very good. We told her that she was too expensive, and too far away. But all she heard was that we didn't like her food, and that she is the reason I got sick. Although those reasons are both true, we never told her that. Needless to say we didn't part ways on the best of terms.....

Last week a missionary came home from Brasil. He gave his homecoming talk in Portuguese, because he 'forgot Spanish'. None of the members believed that, and they were all pretty mad that they weren't able to understand his talk. Everyone wanted to talk to us about that during the week. It was quite the controversy! The funny thing is that I have talked to the RM, and his Spanish is pretty hard to understand. He is mixing up a lot of words with Portuguese. When my companion and I talked to him we only understood about 60-70% of what he was trying to say. It was pretty funny!

Have a great week! I love you!

-Elder Goodman

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