Monday, April 18, 2016

Cottage cheese covered toad

Hiya Everyone!

This was a great week! We went to the Temple this week, just as a mission. Man that was awesome! I love the temple. The one here is so pretty.

Yesterday I had a kind of funny experience.

We found a toad in our house Saturday night. Then on Sunday morning he came back, and he brought a friend. Every house has tubes coming out of it that go into the gutter, the water that falls in the house goes out there. We saw a toad in that tube. But then he hopped out and starting hopping around in our house. Frogs are super dirty here, we didn't want it in the house. So I started chasing it with a dustpan and I was able to swat it out of the house. Then we decided to dump water down the drain to make the other toad come out. A bunch of young people from the neighborhood were watching us in our fight against the toads. One of us told us that a gross milk comes out of the frogs, so to be careful. But I thought he said that we need to pour milk on the frog to make it leave. I bought some milk about 6 weeks ago that is still in the fridge. I couldn't drink it (milk here gives everyone diarrhea). So I got that and poured it on the frog. But it wasn't milk anymore. More like cottage cheese. I covered the frog. And it went nuts. Jumping all over in the garage. I started screaming No NO NO! I sprinted after it and nailed it with the dust pan. But I got the angle wrong. It hit the metal ceiling with a pretty satisfying thump. But then it got tangled up in my Christmas lights before coming back down. I got it good the second time though. And sent the cottage cheese covered toad flying out of the house about 6 feet in the air right into the middle of the crowd of jovenes in the street. It was pretty wild!

I don't know if you could tell, but I didn't have much time to write this week.

Sorry for the not very well organized / not very spiritual letter.

Love you!
Have a great week!

-Elder Goodman

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