Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Food poisoning ... again


Sorry I'm writing on Wednesday. That's a little different!

On Sunday I'm pretty sure I got food poisoning. A member gave us some chicken sandwiches she had made for lunch. And right after that I started having the chorros. That lasted all Sunday night (a very long night) and Monday as well. I tried to go to a store Monday morning to buy some powerade (about half a block) and about killed myself. I spent about 5 minutes dry heaving in the street half way home. And it took another 5 minutes to whimper/shuffle my way home, leaning against the walls of houses the whole way. It would have been kind of embarrassing if I wasn't, you know, dying. Needless to say we didn't go anywhere on Monday.

The Salvadoranean squirts really suck the life out of you. (I put some thought into that little phrase!) Sorry to go into detail, but I feel like it's kind of a funny story, hope you appreciate it.

Other that that it was a pretty awesome week! Some quick highlights.

1.General Conference was AWESOME! We watched it in English. In a room with air conditioning! At one point we were all shivering and freezing, we went to see what the thermostat was set to 73 degrees. We all felt a little wimpy after that.

2. My companion and I put together a pretty sweet ward mission plan to split the ward we are in. The bishop invited us to present it during the Bishopric meeting. It felt a lot like being in DECA to be honest. Giving the pros and cons, and getting ideas. It was a really really neat experience.

3. Yesterday we had an interesting lesson about tithing. Normally when teaching tithing (and everything else for that matter) we try to get the investigators to feel something. The spirit, a need, a blessing, love, etc.  But yesterday, even though they felt the spirit, we explained tithing in a very logical way (pathos vs logos for the English students).  The lady we were teaching is studying business management. And she really liked the way the church handles tithing. At one point she said ¨man! This is awesome! The only way it could be better is if the church gave a receipt!¨ She was kind of joking, and pretty surprised when we told her that we do that as well!

She told us that our church was perfect. And it was pretty satisfying to say that it's not our church, it's actually the Lord's. And He is perfect, so His church should be too!

It's a fact that not very many people appreciate down here.

Have a great week!
-Elder Goodman

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