Monday, September 19, 2016

15th of September - Independence Day!

Probably the highlight of this week was the 15 of September. Independence day!

We've been trying really hard to plan finding activities for this day. Here in Cojute we sponsored a 5 on 5 soccer tournament. It was amazing! We designed little flyers, and took a couple hours one day to go around and put those up. Everywhere! It was really fun to tape a flyer on a lamp post and watch all the people stop to look at it.  We had 16 teams show up! Plus 2 teams of women as well! The tournament took a lot longer than we thought it would  because we had so many games to do. It was way fun though! Before the championship game we had the two teams line up on the field and we played the national anthem on the speaker we brought. It was pretty fun! The activity was a great success!

This week I spoke in the grupo (the smaller half of the branch). They gave me 15 minutes! I spoke about personal revelation, prayer and the holy ghost. It was pretty good.

Last night we did a family home evening with a member of the branch presidency. When we asked him what theme he wanted us to do it on he told us he wanted us to focus on the law of chastity. He has three daughters ages 17, 15, 11, and a 8 year old son.  My companion was really nervous, really nervous, but we did a good job! I think!  My motto is 'it's only awkward if we make it awkward!'

That's about it for this week!

I love you!
-Elder Goodman

Questions from Kanani
1.  Do you like instant potatoes, noodles, muffin/cookie mixes or do you prefer candy?  or a mixture? When I hear that you are eating pb&j it makes me want to buy you food to make.  But, you can probably buy that there?  or is it too expensive?  Anyway...what do you like in your packages?  because this is the week :)
I prefer candy! We only have a hot plate and a microwave to cook on, so the mixes don't always turn out well! There's food we can buy and make as well. It's just that we never know when someone is going to have dinner for us- and we have so much to do at night that I really don't have time to do anything more that pb&J. plus- I really like those sandwhiches!  And american candy is really expensive and hard to find down here. To be honest, my favorite thing to get in packages is letters and pictures! We can buy pretty much anything we want down here, and I'm losing space in my suitcases from all the stuff I've been acquiring! That's why I like candy, because it doesn't take up any space. I guess what I'm saying is I like just candy, letters and pictures, and music!   I love the motab discs! Those are awesome! That was a great idea! Thanks!

2.  What is the biggest hurdle to joining the church for most of the people you teach?
Afraid of commitment. I think it's just a culture thing- but everyone is really afraid of commitment. That and just the fact that everyone, EVERYONE , has already been baptized. So convincing them that they need to get baptized again is really hard.

3.  Who plans what you do on p-days? Do you always meet as a zone?
We do one pday as a zone, the next as a district. a,b a,b. The zone and district leaders plan them.

4.  What do people do for a living in Cojutepeque?
Unless they work in a store here in town, they all go down to San Salvador and work down there. I'm pretty sure they have just normal jobs.

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