Monday, September 12, 2016

Alma 29:9-10

This week was a pretty normal week. I went to Sensuntepeque a couple days ago on interchanges. It was sweet! Ever since I shocked myself last September I promised myself that I would never take another hot water shower on my mission. I decided I was going to suffer - so that when I got home I would enjoy it more.  Well, in the house in Sensunte they had some sort of apparatus that hooked on to the showerhead, and heated the water! I decided that I deserved a halfway treat. I took probably the longest shower of my mission out there in Sensunte! That was definitely the highlight of my week!

This week for pday my companion and I went to a hardware store and bought about 6 metres of pvc pipe. Then we split it into sections of about 3 feet. And this week as a district we had nerf/blowgun wars in the church with the darts you sent me! It was sweet! It was way fun!
I'm getting along great with my companion. We both have pretty much the same mindset about how missionaries should be. We have been setting some pretty high goals- but we hope to see the fruits soon!  Alma 29:9-10 is our motto scripture right now.

We had our interviews with president and Hna Vasquez this week. Man, they are so powerful. He is my hero! And his wife too. I love them so much.  He really helped us work out a couple problems we are having in our area. He is just a very wise man. The cool thing about being in a district (instead of a stake) is that President Vasquez is in charge out here. I hope we will get to see him more often.

One problem we were having is just the geographical situation of our area. At the start of this change they split our area, and gave the other half to sister the missionaries. Our area had a lot of city parts, and a lot of villages. We gave the city parts, where it's safer, to the Hnas, and we kept the villages. The problem is that the villages are really far away, so we waste a lot of time, and it's hard to bring people to church.  President Vasquez helped us understood that it's best to work in the central areas, close to the church building. After we strengthen up the main city, then we can start going out into the villages - and try to make branches. He said that lots of missionaries want to be explorers, to go work where no one has ever worked before- but the problem is that it is much harder to baptize so far away from the main body of members. And the converts go inactive very easily because they don't have the member support they need.  Very interesting. I had never thought about it like that- but it makes perfect sense. We have been focusing our finding effort much more in the main part of our area where we live. And we are starting to find some good people.

Well, that's about all! Have a great week! I love you!

-Elder Goodman

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