Monday, October 17, 2016

Multi-zone Conference

Hiya everyone!

This week was a little bit harder than normal. Elder Palmer and I are doing really great though. It's been awhile since I've had a companion that I've been able to be completely open with. We trust each other completely. Companionship study is the best part of the day- because we look at the problems going on, and we try to come up with ways to solve them.

We are getting to be very united in our teaching and we are having some powerful lessons. We know each others strengths and weaknesses, so in the lessons we are able to be more effective. For example- Elder Palmer knows the scriptures very well- he is very good at teaching in a very logical way with the scriptures. I am better at getting people excited to do something- and helping people see the big picture. Very powerful combination!

This week lots of people used their agency to reject the message. It was very frustrating. Especially because I feel like we are teaching better than ever, and having more lessons than ever- and more people reject us than ever. Interesting how that works huh?

We had a multi-zone with President and Sister Vasquez this week. (I love them). I was chosen to conduct it again. (I'm getting better at that!)  I had an interesting learning experience. President Vasquez brought the microphones with him (wireless kind that are a little more complicated to set up) During the first presentation another missionary and I were trying to set it up- but we realized we didn't have the xlr microphone cable to connect the microphone system to the building's sound system. We ran downstairs and luckily the OM guy was there- so we were able to track down a chord. We ran back up to plug it in- and it made an awful screeching sound. (Kind of interrupted the presentation).  I ran to the control panel and made a few adjustments, and we tried to plug it in again. Same result. I starting messing with the settings again to try again a third time, but the other missionary starting packing everything up. When I asked him why he told me that President Vasquez had made a signal to stop trying to get it to work.  I got a little frustrated, because I felt like we were close to getting it. But we ended up putting it all away anyway.  After sitting and thinking for a while I realized that that was a perfect example of obedience. Sometimes we don't understand why we have commandments- or we think that we can do it better on our own. The Lord knows. And the Lord doesn't need people to ask questions- The Lord doesn't need people to try and get things done another way. The Lord needs people who are exactly obedient. Who follow the commandments because he told them to. That reason is good enough for me!

I got the t-shirt Halloween package! Thanks! That was awesome! Everyone loves the Peanut Butter  M&M's!

I met a couple from American Fork at church yesterday! Apparently they live right by the cemetery- pretty close to the temple right?

The power went out in our house again. The electrician came again. It's like his 4th or 5th time. He's starting to tear out wires and change them out, instead of just messing with the fuse box. I really hope that works.

Yesterday for lunch I made fried burritos (chimichangas right?). I sautéed some chiles and onions, and then threw some beans in there too. Then I added a secret ingredient. Butter cheese.  On Saturday night we were buying pupusas for dinner, and I noticed that they tasted a little different. I started talking to the pupusera (the cook) and I guessed that it had butter in it. (They very rarely use butter here). She was pretty impressed that I was able to guess it. I started showing her all the ingredients I had bought to make lunch for the next day and she gave me some of the cheese!  (I love the people here- if you are nice to them it is very common for them to give you something. They are so generous!).  We don't have a fridge, so I got a bottle of water and put the cheese in it until lunch on Sunday. It kept it cold enough!

I also fried some of it too! Oil + cheese+ butter. = pretty good. It was a little greasy though... I took a picture, but the computer I'm using today won't recognize my camera.

I think that's about it. I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Goodman

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