Monday, December 26, 2016


It was so good to see you all yesterday! I love you! I'm so grateful for the support, I always feel a lot more excited to work after we talk!

After the calls we went to an investigator family and we ate panes con pollo- the traditional Salvadoranian Christmas food. With Kolachampon- the traditional Salvadoranian drink.

The other elders in our ward didn't have any dinners planned. So we invited them over to our house and made them dinner. Tortillas with beans and BBQ sauce. Soup Maruchan with hot dogs. (normal food for our companionship) But we tried to make it special. We put on some nice soft music, and hung up the Christmas lights, and called it a candlelight dinner. We made a table out of boxes of Book of Mormons and we gave them each a glow stick bracelet ( like a ticket). And then we went turned off the lights and went to another room.

It was kind of funny though- because we had to return to our houses early yesterday. We knew it takes them about 10 minutes to get home, so about 15 minutes before the returm time we walked back in and turned on the lights and started taking everything down. Turned of the music and started clearing the places. It was kind of an abrupt way to finish the dinner, but I did give them some mints.

We cut our hair last night! I gave Elder Crespo a 1, and he gave me a 2. It's pretty darn short. I like it though- I think it makes me look stronger.

Man, not a whole lot to report from just 1 day. I love you a lot! Thanks so much for being so awesome and supportive- a lot of missionaries (or people I guess)  aren't blessed with great families and it's harder. Thanks so much!

-Elder Goodman

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