Monday, December 12, 2016

Erik the atheist guy

This was a pretty good week!

I had an epiphany/revelation this week.
I decided that my new goal as a missionary is to take it one day at a time. I've gotten used to thinking in big- but I've realized that I need to think about the little things as well. There have been some things that we do as missionaries that I have been slacking on lately. For example, planning. I decided that for the rest of my mission I am going to be a perfect planner. That's hard. But I can plan perfectly today. And tomorrow I can tell myself the same thing- that I can plan perfectly for today. I realize that if we take things one day at a time it's a lot easier to stay motivated.

On Thursday we went out to work and I felt that we should visit a less-active (future-active)  member that lives close to us. I had only visited the family twice before. We knocked on the door- and the lady let us in. We shared a lesson about the Book of Mormon that was pretty good. I asked her a question about how she felt when she first had gotten baptized and was reading the Book of Mormon consistently. She said she felt lots of comfort at that time. I asked her if she would like to feel that comfort now.  And she just opened up. She has been going through some trials lately- her son probably has autism, among others, and has been feeling pretty overwhelmed. We were able to testify that by reading the Book of Mormon she would be able to feel more comfort. We also gave the son a blessing. It was really, really nice. Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses the word is declared. I declared it- my companion declared it- and she also declared it with her own experience. And the her cousin was also there in the house- and he´s not a member. The best part was something she told me when we were leaving. She told us that every time she is going through a hard trial and feels overwhelmed the missionaries show up at her door. It's happened 3 times now. (she got baptized 10 years ago and I found her about 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure the members don't know that she exists- we are the only connection with the church she has.

I decided that my goal is to feel the Spirit speak through me. To be worthy- and willing to be let the Lord use me as his servant.

We borrowed a guitar from an investigator and visited a ton of less actives before church yesterday with President Peña. We sang them a quick Christmas carol and invited them to church. It was really really fun.

I blessed the sacrament yesterday. It was amazing. I guess I've kind of been in the habit of not really paying attention to the prayers. But as I read the prayer yesterday I felt the spirit so so so so so so so strongly. It was amazing.

On Friday night we had an activity at the church. We went, but we couldn´t get any investigators to go with us. We stayed outside for about 20 mins before it started and just contacted everyone walking by on the street- to invite them to come. No one accepted. We found man who was atheist (the 3rd atheist I have found in the country) - and pretty contentious. I think we left a bad impression on him. But last night we where on the other side of the city giving a blessing to some members. We were walking home- and had a long walk ahead of us.  A car pulled up and the man inside offered us a ride. It was Erik! the atheist guy we thought hated us. He had a wife and 2 kids. They were super nice! Kind of cool.

Well - that's probably it for the week. 
Please pray for us. This is going to be a crazy week- and I really am going to need the prayers. I love you all!

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