Monday, January 4, 2016

I baptized Guillermo!

Feliz año nuevo!

This week was actually a pretty good week, but I also got to see the worst of El Salvador when I went to the hospital.

1. I had to do a poop test- I'll let you imagine the details for yourself- Here they have private clinics that will do it for 2 bucks, really fast really easy. But my companion thought it would be faster to do it at the Hospital. It was not faster at the Hospital. It was a Government hospital- I had to prove I was legal, but I didn't have to prove insurance or anything. I'm not exactly sure what the situation is down here with healthcare, but I got the test done for free! It was also very poorly managed, and staffed. We had to run all over getting signatures, we needed one from the triage doctor in the emergency room. But when we got there he wasn't there. We didn't have much time, so we left for a meeting at the church across the street. When we returned he still wasn't there. And the nurse at the front desk was very unhelpful. We were very pressed for time all day, and it took all day to get it done. We were running in and out of the hospital so much that the guards started to question us telling us how suspicious we looked. It was a really frustrating day. Made worse by the fact that I had to carry around the  ... ahem ... sample the whole time.

2. New Years, the whole city was hung over the next day, so we didn't get a whole lot of work done. I did see two drunks fighting in the street though! That was a little frightening to be honest. Not as funny as you think it would be.

3. We had the Christmas gift exchange this week as a zone. It was pretty fun, we all treated it like a white elephant party, the most common gift was ties. The Hermana missionaries thought that the rule was to spend a minimum of 5 dollars (the real rule was 5 dollar max.) So they bought some really nice gifts, cologne, nice shirts, stuff like that. It was kind of awkward for everyone.

4. We did a lot of baptizing this week! This entire half of the mission baptized 14 people this week. And our area baptized 4. That was awesome! I baptized Guillermo!  And Alicia's mom came to the baptism! (I found out she's 61 by the way)

5. A funny experience that happened this week: We were visiting Guillermo's family, and when we came in they were watching music videos on their tv, music videos that were at least 30 years old. (I recognized one of the bands: Hall and Oats). My companion made the comment that I understood what they were saying in the songs, because I speak English. They got really excited and made me translate the songs for them. (Fun fact, the songs didn't really make much sense in English either.) They loved it though!

6. We locked ourselves out of the house this week. We found out that our house is not very secure, I climbed the porton (big metal sliding door) to get into the yard and then I was able to unlock the door through  the window.

A cat has also been visiting our house lately, I'm not sure exactly how it does it, but it is kind of interesting when we see a cat walking around our house while we are studying.

I just realized I didn't give you an update on my health, I'm doing fine! Although starting last Saturday I've started to feel really achy. who knows?

Love you! Elder Goodman

Baptism of Guillermo. He's the taller one in white

Baptism of Alicia. (Her mom is in yellow)

The Cat

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