Monday, January 18, 2016


We finally got a baptismal font for our building! It came in a giant package from -no joke- We are super excited to try it out this Saturday!

We had a really good zone conference. We did an activity where we all had to get over a tall stack of chairs without touching. It turned into two elders tossing everyone else over into the waiting arms of the people on the other side who had already crossed.  It was a pretty good metaphor for our work. We help our investigators take a leap of faith (baptism) and the ward members are those who catch them. The Garcia family came and were practice investigators for the missionaries. At the end they bore their testimonies about their conversion. They talked about the Book of Mormon and their testimony of that. The mom at the end thanked everyone for ''leaving your families for two years so that people like us can be with ours forever''.  I told her that the first time I met them!

I'm not sure if I've told you about the Garcia family before, but they are my golden family. We are baptizing them in two weeks. Yesterday, the 10 year old son told us about the first time he prayed about the Book of Mormon. The night after the missionaries first came to his house. He kneeled and prayed. And then he waited on his knees. And then he fell asleep. And then in a dream an Angel appeared and told him 'I am a messenger from God, he sent me to tell you that the Book of Mormon is true.''   Whoa! I thought it was really cool that you wrote about angels declaring glad tidings in your letter!

We played softball with this family last p-day. We had a blast. I got 2 home runs! My companion also got a home run. They play with the third pitch drop rule ( It doesn't really make sense considering that we were playing slow pitch softball). He ran for first after his third strike, and the catcher overthrew first base. Overthrew so bad in fact that my companion made it all the way home. Probably the highlight was when I broke the ball. (pretty much exactly like Benny in Sandlot.) I felt pretty cool after that! We also played frisbee.

This week on Sunday we did interchanges with the priests. That was really cool, I wish I could have done that. But I am really glad I did home teaching.

I've discovered the secret to being happy on the mission. Two things. 1. Obedience.  2. Work. The harder you work during the day the better you feel night. And the more excited you are to start the next day.

I want you to know that I am being obedient, and that I am working really hard.

Have a great week!

Elder Goodman

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