Monday, May 16, 2016

Dumb Goat

Hi everyone!

This was a pretty normal week. The highlight would probably be the ward party we had Saturday night.

The Elders quorum put a lot of care into making sure that the women wouldn't have to do anything. It was to celebrate mother's day.

The made a ton of food, brought in tons of speakers, a light bar, and we had a talent show. The problem was that the fans in the cultural hall don't work. So it was reeaally hot. They turned off the lights too. So to be honest with all the heat, music, darkness, and dance lights, it felt a lot like a high school dance. The talent show basically turned into a karaoke night. Still pretty entertaining though! I played a couple songs on the piano for my talent. And before the night was over both of the counselors in the bishopric had given me a new assignment. I am now the new pianist for sacrament meeting! The nice thing is that they are also letting me choose the hymns, so I'll be able to prepare a little.   The funny thing is that we already have a pianist for sacrament meeting, she just doesn't come all the time. I guess she'll be on vacation until I have changes again.

On Sunday I woke up with killer diarrhea. And my companion. And the 4 other missionaries as well. And 5 investigators that came to the party. And a ton of ward members too. We got food poisoned! It's kind of funny, almost none of the women got sick. Only the men. From what I gathered, almost none of the women actually ate the food. The all tried it, and realized something was wrong, and didn't finish it. So all the care that the Elders Quorum put into making sure that the women didn't have to help at all backfired a little bit.

I had kind of a cool experience this week, that made me think a little. It might even be a parable.

We were out in the outskirts of our area. And we saw a group of goats. (herd? flock?, I'm not sure)
All of the goats had a rope tied around the neck. One of the goats had gotten tangled up in his rope, it was tangled around one of his legs. So he was stumbling around on three legs bleating. I saw that goat, and went up to it to try to help it, but it ran away. We tried again, this time by companion came and stepped on the rope, so it couldn't run away. And I was able to untangle the goat. And after I finished he looked up at me, pretty sure with gratitude in the eyes, and ran back to his family. My companion and I crossed the street and left, talking about how good we felt, etc.  As we were walking away I heard the goat bleat, pretty sure with gratitude again, I turned around for one last look. And saw that he had gotten tangled up again. Literally two minutes later.  dumb goat.

There's some sort of lesson to be learned here. I'm sure of it.

Have a great week!
-Elder Goodman

The back of my name tag.
La Union Beach
La Union Beach

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