Monday, August 29, 2016


Man, this was a crazy week. I finally had changes! I am now in the city of Cojutepeque. It is completely different than San Miguel. In San Miguel it is flat and hot. Here in Cojute it is cold and really, really hilly. Every day is leg day! To be honest, I miss San Miguel. It's too cold here! It's around 70 all day, foggy, rainy. I broke out my bed sheets again.

My new companion is Elder Palmer. Man, he is awesome. He's from Blanding Utah. He is my first gringo companion in 9 months! He was my district leader in San Miguel for a while, and he is awesome. We have pretty much the same outlook about everything. The only disagreements we've had are about cars. He thinks that the Toyota Tacoma is better than the Tundra. But, other than that we are basically the same. And he's about six inches taller than me. He loves basketball, so we've gone and played in the mornings a couple times with the other elders in our ward. Here on the mission I thought I was pretty good at basketball, because I've only been playing with Latinos- but now that I'm playing with americans again I realized that I'm not good at all.

This change they split our area in 2. We gave almost all of the supportive members, and almost all of our good investigators to the other area, so we are pretty much starting over from scratch. We've been super, super busy. Every night we are so exhausted when we get home. I think this is the busiest I've been on my mission. I just got to the area, so there isn't food in the house. So I don't eat breakfast.  We usually just buy some chips or bread on the way in for dinner. It's been nuts.

Here in Cojute it's a branch. Which is pretty interesting. There are two chapels. One official chapel that is really new and beautiful on one side of town, and a house they are renting on the other side. Apparently it's too dangerous to cross the line, but there aren't enough members/priesthood holders to split the branch. So half of the branch meets in the chapel, and the other half meets in the house. There are two sets of elders in the ward, so we do interchanges so we can be with all of our investigators. I will be going to the chapel, because there's a piano in the chapel and I'll be playing. And my companion will be going to the house. It's kind of and interesting concept, the branch presidency and the other leaders take turns going to the chapel and the house every Sunday- and It's only one branch.  The goal while I'm here will be to split the branch!

Thanks for writing me! I love you all!

-Elder Goodman

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