Monday, August 22, 2016


This week was pretty good!  We were able to bring a family to church that we've been working on for awhile. I stayed with the dad, William, during priesthood. And it was amazing. The message really focused on families and being a good father. It hit him pretty hard. He felt the spirit pretty good!

I have a new companion. Elder Scheel! A missionary had to go home a week early for visa reasons, so he came with us. It was pretty fun! He's a great guy!

This week I did an interchange with Elder Durbin. It was pretty good! He's a great guy. It's starting to rain pretty frequently here. During one of the lessons it rained pretty hard. And turned the road into a river. We really didn't want to walk out and get our shoes and pants all wet, because we still had a couple other visits planned, but it seemed that we had no choice.  But then I had a great idea! The family had a couple of plastic crates so we used those as stepping stones to walk out. All the little kids helped us by running around in the river and moving the stepping stones around. It was pretty sweet!

I had an epiphany this week. Everyone needs to feel that they are needed. This week was a little hard because I felt that I wasn't really needed. Being in a trio can be a little tricky sometimes. But I think learning that lesson will really help me in the future.

Thanks for everything! I love you all a lot!
-Elder Goodman

Questions from Kanani:

1.  Who's bullet bike were you on?  That was a really cool photo.  It almost looked photo shopped with everything being black and white except the bike!
That was the bullet bike of one of my converts. There's a cool mode on my camera that let me change the colors a little!  She's actually been a member of the church forever, but the ward lost her baptismal record. So I didn't really have to do anything. She's on the ward council. So whenever we have meetings at the stake for the ward council I always point her out to the other missionaries- to show how powerful my converts are!

2.  When does school start for the kids down there?  Do they have to wear uniforms?
It starts in January and goes until October/November. Everyone has uniforms. White shirt or blouse and blue pants or skirt.

3.  Do the people like to wear jewelry, in general, more than here?
Chains are really popular with men, But to be honest I'd say it's about the same.

4.  Where do you buy your food?
A store called super selectos. Basically Maceys or Smiths

5.  What is your favorite store there?
Super Selectos- It's the most modern store. We have someone who gives us lunch, and the ward gives us dinner. So I only have to eat breakfast. I just buy a big Quaker oats box of 52 envelopes of oatmeal. It lasts me a couple weeks. The nice thing about being in a big city is that we have a pretty big Super Selectos.


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