Monday, August 8, 2016

Talking in my sleep

We had stake conference this week. It was pretty good. A seventy came and spoke to us. He used D&C 107:99-100. I really like that scripture. I kind of chewed myself out during his talk, I realized that I could work a little harder!  That scripture could be a great subject for a family home evening!

I got the gold bond / called to serve cd package! Thanks so much! It was awesome! I also got an envelope that had letters from the Robinson family! Thanks guys! You're the best!

I thought of something I want in the next package. Book of Mormon battles! The card game.

Sorry, I'm working on a little project right now. I bought an USB drive, and I'm putting Mormon messages on it to show my investigators. So I'm not paying as much attention to my letters.

Thanks for everything! I love you all! A lot!
Have a great week!

-Elder Goodman

Questions from Kanani
1.  Who are some of the people you are teaching right now?
Probably the most positive is a man named Jorge, and his son. The dad came to stake conference on his own! That was sweet! The Familia Aguilar. A family of the mom, 2 daughters, and 3 sons. The sons are triplets! We've baptized 2 of the sons, but we're really working hard on the mom. She has to support her whole family, and she doesn't trust in the Lord enough to not work on Sundays.

2. Have you seen the hot springs in Moncagua
I haven't. I've heard about them though!

3. Are you following the Olympics?
Not really. At Jorge's house I saw the last 40 seconds of USA Men's basketball vs China. That was sweet!

4.  Did you ever get your rice hot/cold bags filled and sewn up?
I sure did! We use them a lot! My comp sometimes has back problems, he uses hot mode. I usually use cold mode!

5.  What's your favorite thing to do on p-day?
Play soccer.

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