Monday, March 13, 2017

I'm really, really happy

This was a great week! I love that picture of the Birthday cake! That's awesome!

I don't really know what to write about. I'm really, really happy. The branch I'm in right now is hands down my favorite area.  The members here are so awesome, the branch president is really good as well. Great investigators just keep popping up. Life is good. I don't think I've ever been happier in my life. I don't want to come home!

This week I was on interchanges with Elder Orozco- we were on the bus at about 4  o clock when a bunch of men got on the bus. Usually we don't see a lot of men in the afternoon- so I noticed. I looked to see where they were all coming from, and a saw a road leading to a colony that I have never been to. I realized that there are probably a lot of families with men at home until 4ish. The next day we went down there to contact. And we found a great lady named Narda. She was really excited to talk to us because 8 years ago a missionary gave her a Book of Mormon- and she loves it! She came to church this week as well! We are pretty excited to be teaching her- I hope all goes well!

I love you lots!
Happy St. Patricks day!

-Elder Goodman

Guillermo! I baptized him a year ago!

Maria! My birthday buddy!

Bautism of Luis

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