Monday, March 20, 2017

The Millennium Falcon

This was a pretty great week. Everything is going great!

I'm not really sure what to write about- so I'll try to tell a cool story.

My companion and I have a favorite bus, we call it the millennium falcon. It's a super, super old school bus. And the driver is crazy. They always push the bus to the limits- it gets going pretty fast! But when it goes fast it's so loud inside, because the motor is so old, and windows shake like crazy- there are holes in the floor covered with pieces of plywood and rubber. The metal bars that they put up to hold onto aren't screwed in very good, so you can't put weight on them. And a lot of the seats are loose, so you have to be careful, it's kind of dangerous- but it's the fastest bus! It's awesome!

Last Sunday we were trying to get back to our area, it was late at night and none of the buses were stopping. Until the Millennium Falcon! We were so excited that the Millennium Falcon saved us! We were flying down the road towards home until we started hearing  weird grinding noises, and the bus broke down. We were a little bummed, but we thought it was funny. 

The driver told me that there was one more bus behind him from the same company that would stop to pick us up. It did, and we got home safely. He told us that all of the buses from his company have a blue stripe- there's 9 buses from that same owner. And they are all really old broken down school buses, with a blue stripe. we started calling buses with the blue stripe the Rebel Alliance. And then we realized that everything could have Star Wars names! The other kind of buses, Coasters, we call them Imperial transport. San Miguel became Tatooine, and San Salvador is Corasant (I think you spell it like that) . Fast food delivery motorcycles are tie fighters, and gas delivery motorcycles are x wings. Super Especiales (think greyhound bus) are Star Destroyers. 

My companion is my padawan, and the army guys everywhere are storm troopers. President Vasquez's Silver Odyssey is the sleek silver star ship that Queen Amidala uses in Episode 1...
We kind of got really excited. Plus, the secretaries are in my district, they helped out a bit!

Everything is going really good, I was counting the attendance during Sacrament meeting yesterday, and I was trying to remember all the names of the ward members. (There's only 60, so it's not that hard..) I realized that in the month I've been here I have visited every member in their homes. Except one family. That was pretty cool!

That's all the time I have. I love you!

My votes for Todd and Bryan. 

Bryan- Bolivia, or California
Todd- Russia, or New York

I Love You!

-Elder Goodman

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