Monday, March 27, 2017


This was a great week, I love it here! This was a changes week, Elder Ledesma and I stayed together. Wednesday was a big day though- on Wednesday I had exactly as much time on the mission that he lacked. And he had exactly as much time on the mission that I lack. 3 months and 21 months. That was cool.

Right now there is a non-stop buzzing noise in the air. It is made by these bugs called cigarras- I think. They are these giant tennis ball sized cockoaches- that fly. It's awful. They are as long as a tennis ball, but not as wide. Picture a cockroach on steroids. uughghh.  This week we were in a lesson- and there was a 4yo kid that was really annoying. during the lesson one of these bugs flew in the room, it was flying all over the place. It dive bombed the kid, and flew into it's ear! It couldn't enter the ear canal because it was so big- but it was inside the actual ear part trying to get into the kids head. It was pretty crazy! After the bug dive-bombed the kid no one knew where it went- we lost sight of it. But the kid started screaming and screaming- that's how we realized. It was awful. My companion and I are being a lot more careful now whenever we see those bugs. 

We spoke in Sacrament meeting this week. They gave us 10 minutes a piece. I went over, halfway through my talk the counselor came up behind me and passed me a note that said my time was up. Everyone in the congregation noticed and started laughing. It was kind of funny...

Not really a whole lot more to report. I am happy, happy, happy! I love life! I love being a missionary!

-Elder Goodman

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